Assessment 212 Social Work

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1. Introduction The students will show that every individual, group, family and community has strengths. By means of using social work skills, techniques, knowledge and tools. The students will demonstrate how client’s capacities and abilities can be utilized. The right that every individual have inherited by being a South African citizen, so that it may not be violated in the cause of assistance. The students will discuss how clients determine what is best for them and not practitioner. How the client in regards with the case study has the cognitive ability to self-determination. What the social workers may explore when dealing with clients such as Samantha. The students will determine how trauma and abuse can either have a detrimental effect on clients or enhance clients for the greater good. The opportunities clients would be able to gain form these struggles that they are facing. The perception of human service professionals in regards with focusing on the negatives of clients instead of the positives of clients. The students will furthermore discuss how important it is to work with a collaborative partnership. If social workers want to develop their clients to the fullest they need to take collaborative partnership in to consideration. Often social workers and organisation are not in a position to assist clients with their needs and therefore they have to refer clients for appropriate service.Healy, (2003) concludes that assessment is… 2.1 All people have strengths, capacities and resources The strength that Samantha demonstrated shows that she is a hard working student, or was a hard working student. Samantha also has the ability to seek opportunities and take it, for example the collecting of recycled material for extra money. The capacities that Samantha demonstrates are that she is taking care of her two younger siblings when their mother is working. The

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