Assessing Student's Needs Essay

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Introduction Each learner is unique and has individual needs. If the needs of our learners are discovered and met, the chances of success are greatly increased. (Geoff Petty, Teaching Today, 3rd Edition). This assignment will look at why assessment is important, describe the initial assessment process used and how this can inform teaching and learning. It is important to assess students needs prior to beginning a course to gauge their suitability to the course and to ensure that the chosen course of study is right for the student to enable them to fully benefit from the course so that the course objectives and personal goals are achieved. There are various methods used to assess students including the use of application forms, interview, diagnostic testing, questionnaires and induction, to name a few. The information gathered during assessment can inform course and lesson planning and allow teachers to modify lessons according to the needs of the student group. For example, during assessment it may be discovered that a particular student has ??? The Course In Context The Institute of Leadership and Management Level 2 Certificate in Team Leadership is a course for those people who are working in formal teams or groups, whether as team leaders/co-ordinators, or team members. The qualifications are equally suitable for members of self-managed teams. The certificate covers the full range of responsibilities of the team/group leader or member and develops leaders and managers within the national qualifications framework to equip them with the knowledge and skills to be effective in the work place. The full Certificate consists of an induction, four 15-hour modules plus tutorial support. Each module comprises 5 x 3-hour segments, of which 3 are core and 2 are chosen from between 3 and 5 optional segments offered. The whole programme will take a

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