Assessing Personality Essay

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Assessing Personality Fill in the following boxes by identifying and describing three types of personality assessment. List a specific assessment, or the procedure for measuring this type of personality measure. Describe whether or not you think this is an effective method for measuring personality. Be sure to answer the question below the box. Save this document and type directly onto the document and into the boxes. The boxes will expand to accommodate what you write. Submit as an attachment to the appropriate drop box. Major Categories of Personality Measures | Description of the Category of Personality Measures | Identify a specific assessment in each category of personality measure (or process of assessment). | Psychological Test | Standard measures devised to assess behavior objectively. | Psychologists used this to help people make decisions about their lives and understand more about themselves. | Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory | A widely used self-report test that identifies people with psychological difficulties and is employed to predict some everyday behaviors. | Police department use the test to measure whether an officer are likely to use their weapons. | Projective Personality Test | A test in which a person is shown an ambiguous stimulus and asked to describe it or tell a story about it. | A Rorschach test and Thematic Apperception Test that has symmetrical visuals stimuli or pictures. In which the psychologist asks people to write stories about or ask them to explain what they represent to them. | Do you think it is really possible to accurately measure someone’s personality? Why or why not? I do think that psychologists can measures people’s personalities, but I do not think it is possible to measure it accurately since most people have different types of problem. Some people have disorders like
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