Assessing Older Adults Essay

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Queen W. Warren An Analysis in the Development of Older Adults Dallas Baptist University The first part of the journal presents the reasons for focusing on curriculum development and enrichment for older adults and their development. The vulnerability of older adults is discussed and the crucial need to utilize strengths perspective when assessing older adults is examined. Instructors wanted to revisit the need to ensure that the older adults were receiving quality care, and the students were assisted in understanding more about the complex relationships involving older adults and aspects of their culture, community, biological, and psychological nature. The second part of the journal focuses in detail on two instructors that used strengths perspective when they were teaching students about assessing older adults. Strengths perspective is a practice of emphasizing the client’s talents, abilities, capacities, hopes, values, visions, and knowledge instead of focusing on the client’s problems, difficulties, needs, and deficits. A close look at the curriculum design and lessons were made available. Lessons included strategies practitioners could use such as; the life story technique and its learning theories, concepts, and strengths perspective, the use of dramatic vignettes to sensitize students to deal with the concerns and issues that older adults are faced with, developmental presentations, and the most effective strategy used was older adults as guest speakers who obviously exemplified the ability to be resilient and strong while they are dealing with the challenges of the aging process. There is new information learned from the research conducted and presented in this journal. The United States currently has 35.9 million elderly people and in the next 20 years this number will grow to 71.5 million. Medicaid, which is difficult

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