Assessing Occupational Competance in the Work Environment

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ASSESSING OCCUPATIONAL COMPETENCE IN THE WORK ENVIRONMENT I have undertaken assessments for two learners, who are in the process of achieving their QCF 11 awards in Health and Social Care. Both of these learners are Support Workers within Gwalia’s Care and Support homecare project. Learner one is an experienced carer, and whilst very keen to complete her QCF 11 has no interest in progressing further in her chosen career, she is content within her current job role, and is focused towards completing the assignments required within the course. Learner two has only been active in his role as a Support Worker for about a year but is very keen to complete his QCF 11. Learner one possesses only very basic IT skills and would prefer to write her reflective accounts by hand. She also needs added support in researching to help her complete her reflective accounts on time. Learner two has IT skills, and is happy to use a computer to do his Reflective Accounts but has asked for some support in carrying out the research to enable him to complete his reflective accounts. An initial assessment is a reflective process designed to highlight understanding and knowledge. During this process I would develop a realistic plan for learning and assessment with the learners. An initial assessment contributes to the learner’s professional development by high-lighting the learner’s skills, and experience, it can also identify any specific needs your learners have. Prior learning can also be taken into account, by focusing on observations and practical tasks, an initial assessment provides an individual plan based on the learner’s abilities and achievements, it is a basis for on-going informative assessments which ensure learners demonstrate progressive learning. For an assessment I would use two methods for gathering evidence; direct - such as observation or work product and

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