Assessing Muscle Fitness

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ASSESSING MUSCLE FITNESS PRACTICAL EXPERIMENT Introduction They different ways of assessing fitness. The tests includes a series of measurements that help determine the health status and physical fitness of an individual. An individual’s fitness level can be affected and determined by factors like current health conditions, past injuries or surgeries, age, gender, lifestyle, diet and genetics among other factors. Athletics generally have high fitness levels as they exercise frequently in accordance to their sport. Fitness level requirements also differ among different athletes where some athletes require muscle fitness some may require endurance and flexibility fitness. For example track athletes undertake endurance training and gymnasts follow exercise routines that improves their flexibility and balancing. Health and Fitness Health and safety is of importance when exercising and taking part in sporting activities. The rules and regulations pertaining to exercise equipment should be followed appropriately to avoid injury and harm to an individual and others. Before any exercise is undertaken the environment must be clear of all hazards like clutter, cables, clothing and shoes as users might trip and fall. In order to maintain user comfort, appropriate exercise clothing should be worn at all times. Running footwear should be worn as they protect the feet and muscles around the leg areas, these will prevent injury to muscles during exercise. The right running shoe should provide stability, motion control, and cushioning for the feet. The type of material that one chooses to wear to the gym should allow one to feel dry, comfortable, and confident. Depending on the type of workout being performed performing, different clothing may be required. The cut of the clothes worn should allow free movement without constrictions. The clothes should also allow

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