Assess The View That The Marketisation Of Education Has Created Greater Class Inequality

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Assess the view that the marketisation of education has created greater inequality In this essay I aim to discuss the impact of marketisation on education, and what affects this has had for the population, and whether this has widened the class inequalities. The idea of marketisation is to create a competitive educational market place, where schools are forced to compete against each other in order to attract consumers (parents) to send their children there. Part of their reasoning for doing this was that it would force schools with lower standards to improve, or else they would be closed down. When the Conservatives came to power in 1979, they believed that the former Labour government had failed in its attempt at creating a meritocracy (everyone having an equal opportunity for success and failure). They set about restructuring the educational system, and in 1988 introduced the education reform act. The 1988 Education Reform Act introduced a number of changes and policies. One of the most important of these is marketisation. Marketisation of the educational system involved a number of changes, such as the introduction of league tables, forcing schools to publish their exam results for the first time. The introduction of SATS every few years throughout the education tenure, so progress of all schools could be made. A national curriculum was also introduced; forcing schools to teach certain topics for the first time. Ofsted reports were created, so schools and teachers were monitored yearly to make sure they met national standards. The major argument that marketisation created inequality is that because of it, a parentocracy was created. This means that parents have the choice of where their children go, and it meant for the first time parents could become governors on the school board. While this may seem like it would help create equality on

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