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Assess the view that deviance is merely a label applied by dome of the actions of others Deviance can be differed in many ways. A standard explanation of deviance is something that is not accepted in society. There are six types of deviance, which are illegal deviance which is going against society and not obeying the law at the same time. Historical deviance is norms and values that were not accepted in the past but are now accepted in modern society. Legal deviance is when someone is going against social norms but is still obeying the law. Protesting is an example of this as it is obeying the law but is not seen as the norms and values of society. Another one is cross-cultural deviance, this is when different cultures or religion see different things normal to society, such as incest is looked down upon in some cultures but in others they see it being normal, this especially applies to Pakistani and Bangladeshi cultures. Relative deviance is where some behaviouristic in different societies or different centuries may either be seen deviant or non-deviant. For example cohabitation is seen normal and is accepted in society today but is not accepted in elder generations. When something is seen as deviant there is normally a stigma that is attached to it and then labelled. Such as polygamy in geographical areas is seen differently, in Pakistan it is seen as acceptable to have one or more partners, but in the UK it is seen wrong and people start labelling people from there. The media has had an enormous impact on society and on the public perspective. The media tends to use deviance amplification; this means that the media exaggerates stories to make them more dramatic which gives moral panic. the media uses official statistics to find stories about crime and label them. For example wearing hoodies in shopping centres are band, the media has given this a very

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