Assess the Role of Social and Economic Groupings of Nations in the World Today.

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Social and economic groupings of nations contain within them a vast amount of power, which can under the correct circumstances have a major effect on the world and the society in which we live. Examples of these groupings are the EU (European Union), the WTO (world trade organization) and the NAFTA (North American free trade agreement). An example of a group such as these that has a major effect on the world is the European Union. The EU consists of 27 member states and was set up in the shadow of the failed League of Nations. The concept is that all European countries are linked together, they share a common currency, travel between countries is non-restricted and the EU parliament makes many decisions that influence the countries. This can help to provide a better standard of lying in many countries; it can also strengthen economies by loosening barriers to trade, barriers to entry and import fees. This coupled with the superior transport infrastructure that has resulted from it provide a stable basis to fuel trade. An example where the EU has influenced a county and provided something that before would not have been possible is with the channel tunnel (euro tunnel) this is a large rail line that connects England to France via an underground rail way under the North Sea. This was a huge investment, but has strengthened the UK economy to no end. It allows for businesses to enter and leave the country quickly and defiantly, it also allows for freight and other such businesses to operate all around Europe. It links the UK, a member of the EU with the rest of the EU, increasing trade and allowing for shared resources between England and France. Without the EU this would not be possible, not only from an investment perspective, but also from an international perspective, the concept of a county sharing a tunnel with another is a tricky one as it would be a weak

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