Assess The Relevance Of Health Reforms In The Prov Essay

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Strengthening health system capacity to improve performance is a wide-ranging subject, likely to require action, often simultaneously or appropriately sequenced on many fronts. In particular, it requires attention to the various dimensions of management, as well as to the relationships between the health system, its patient (clients) and their communities. Reform means positive change. But health sector reform implies more than just any improvement in health or health care. In 1995, Data for Decision-Making (DDM) advanced a definition of health sector reform as “sustained, purposeful and fundamental change”. “sustained” in the sense that it is not a "one shot" temporary effort that will not have enduring impacts; “purposeful” in the sense of emerging from a rational, planned and evidence-based process; and “fundamental” in the sense of addressing significant, strategic dimensions of health systems (Berman, 1995). Other authors listed specific dimensions of health system change that were typically part of reform strategies (Cassels, 1995). Clearly health sector reform can include a wide range of action on health systems. Health sector reform is not a concept that demands a single global definition, nor should we try to be too specific in splitting hairs about what is and what is not reform (Cassels and Janovsky, 1996). Still, the emerging critique of the concept suggests that we should be more explicit about what was sought and what is now open to criticism. We need to be clearer about what qualifies as health sector reform in order to evaluate its effectiveness.

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