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Assess the reasons why Stalin emerged as leader of the USSR by 1929? Stalin emerged as leader of the USSR by 1929 for many reasons including: Party members tended to support Stalin's changes of policy line an example of a very popular policy was the ‘socialism in one country’ which was supported by many members of Russia. His control of the party machine was crucial factor in his success, as he was a skillful politician who outmaneuvered his opponents but he was also lucky. The weaknesses and errors of Trotsky’s judgments’ were important factors in his defeat. Moreover, Stalin was against the NEP, so he advocated industrialization which again strengthened his support. These reasons build to why Stalin emerged as leader of the USSR by 1929. Firstly, a strong reason why Stalin became the leader of the USSR was, in 1925 his policy of ‘socialism in one country’ proved very popular with party members. Trotsky believed in ‘permanent revolution’ and as stated above Stalin believed in ‘socialism in one country’. Trotsky wanted to help communists in other countries to the revolution and push forward the revolution in the USSR. He wanted to end the NEP and introduce more socialist ways of running the economy; Stalin however believed they could build a fully economic state by helping the people within the USSR and not from outsiders. Members of the communist party like the policies of Stalin better than those of Trotsky’s, because they didn’t trust Trotsky to lead them into a better USSR. What Stalin meant by ‘socialism in one country’ was that the nations first was to consolidate Lenin’s revolution and the rule of the CPSU by turning the USSR into a modern state capable of defending itself against enemies, a majority of Russia’s population agreed with this. Although Zinoviev and Kamenev attacked Stalin calling a vote of no confidence in him, the ending of the NEP and a
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