Assess The Methods Used By Mao To Maintain His

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Kevin-Lee History Paper 2 Assess the methods used by Mao to maintain his regime Since the establishment of People’s Republic of China (PRC) in 1949, Mao was a leading figure of Communist China. Mao implemented his revolutionary idea over China and exercised his authority over CCP. To a great extent, Mao’s regime in China was maintained by his strategic use of domestic policies to enforce his authority and revolutionary idea, effective use of propaganda, and repressing any possible opposition including intellectuals who could be threat to his authority.. Mao’s forceful use of policy to establish his communist state was seen in land reform in 1950. After the establishment of People’s Republic of China (PRC) in 1949, Mao’s immediate attention was to spread Communism throughout the China. Mao introduced the policy which characterized the rule of communists in the ‘liberated’ areas in the Jianxi and Yanan Periods. In 1950, reforms were implemented which forced the landlords to give up their properties, which could be redistributed to their former tenants. During this reform, many landlords were criticized by local peasants, denunciated, and subjected to public trials. Historian Michael Lynch’s book “The People’s Republic of China” states that “The evidence that subsequently came to light suggested that as many as one million landlords were killed during this early periods of the PRC’s land reforms.” This suggests that Mao forcibly extended his ideal and used the policy to control people to follow his ideal communist state. On political side, Mao exercised terror tactics to turn down every possible political party that could be threat to his ideal of Communism. For example, after the Communist party in 1949, there were still some political parties including the Left GMD and the Democratic League. In 1952, Mao began his repressive movement toward these parties and
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