Assess the Influence of a Recent National Policy Initiative Promoting Anti-Discriminatory Practice

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Unit2: Equality, diversity and rights in health and social care. M2: Assess the influence of a recent national policy initiative promoting anti-discriminatory practice Human right Act 1998 has ensured that everyone has the right to be treated with fairness, respect, equality and dignity. Human right has given every individual the right to be respected, the right to life, right to marry, right security, the right to privacy, right to freedom and religion. This assignment is going to assess the influence of Human right Act 1998 promoting anti-discriminatory practice. The human rights act promotes anti-discriminatory practice by making sure that everyone has the right to be treated equally with dignity and respect. Everybody has the right to have access to public services and the right to be treated fairly. According to The Human Rights Act 1998 includes: right to life, right to liberty and security, no punishment without law, right to marry, freedom of expression, right to education, protection of property, right to participate in free elections, freedom of assembly and association, freedom of thought, belief and religion. Human Right Act 1998 has ensured that everyone has rights which protect them from harm and abuse. These rights allow individuals to achieve their potential and access the same opportunities as others. Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, religion, and the right to be respected for private and family life. It also requires equal treatment in access to public services or employment regardless of people’s age, ethnicity, disability, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation .It is illegal to treat people less favourably or harass them because of who they are. This act also promote anti discriminatory practice in any health and social care settings by providing active support consistent with the beliefs, culture
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