Assess The Impact Of The War On The Civilian Population Essay

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‘Assess the impact of the war on the civilian population of Britain’ World War I not only became a war on the battlefield, but consumed every nations home front, as full support became priority during war. Civilian life in Britain was dominated by government influence and the introduction of political change instigated through DORA. The production of munitions, food supply, labour shortages and the role of women each brought significant economic change to people’s lives. Despite inclusive war time involvement some refused to be involved in the war. The war prompted the emergence of conscientious objectors and the fear of enemy aliens. The impact of German air raids alarmed worrying feelings isolating people within society. All aspects of…show more content…
Living conditions was both a physical and mental strain on the quality of life of civilians in Britain as shortly after the outbreak of war, the German navy began to use submarines, known as the U-boats. By the end of 1916, the U-boats were destroying on average 300,000 tonnes of imports a month. (Retrospective, 2008) U-boat attacks combined with the poor harvests of 1916 where placing a contributing strain on Britain’s availability to food and supplies. As needs of the nation changed, the government introduced further administrative and legislative controls. In 1918, the government introduced with the use of DORA a rationing system which ensured equal distribution of food supply to all, limiting the issue of starvation. Civilians faced increasing economic hardship and the terrible impact of the long casualty lists that affected so many families, which in these circumstances war weariness grew. (HTA, 2007) Despite the discontent, public support for the war effort remained generally strong and supportive. Throughout the war of attrition, the economy became a weapon to channel resources to all. Home front support and the tremendous feel of euphoria and the consistent contribution of all Britain civilians affected positively on sustaining victory in
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