Assess the Impact of the Hyksos Upon Egypt in This Period.

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The Hyksos were a civilisation from West Asia who immigrated into Egypt’s delta region and gradually settled there during the 18th century BCE. The word Hyksos according to the writers of Antiquity 2 has been translated to mean foreign rulers2, but it is thought that this way of saying it was to show that they were of a lower group of people compared to the Egyptians. It has also been translated according to Encyclopaedia Britannica may also mean king shepherds5. The Hyksos ruled over the delta region of the Nile from the end of the 13th dynasty and were expelled during the 18th dynasty. The Hyksos made significant contributions to Egyptian society in the form of new technologies, weaponry, as well as everyday items. They Hyksos forced them into a Militaristic culture adopting new policies to keep a strong country secure. Manetho states "during the reign of Tutimaos a blast of God smote us, and unexpectedly from the regions of the East, invaders of obscure race marched in confidence of victory against our land. By main force they easily seized it without striking a blow; and having overpowered the rulers of the land they then burned our cities ruthlessly.4 Manetho gives us a detailed report of the invasion of the Hyksos how it started and what they did. The Hyksos introduced many good things to Egypt but they created this great fear of the north after being beaten by the Hyksos they lost the northern part of Egypt this left Egypt as a small civilisation known as Thebans rather than Egyptians. These Thebans become content with their way of life but as Seqenenre Tao I became Pharaoh he decided to expel the Hyksos but was defeated and killed in a battle against the Hyksos, his mummy has been found and shows him having deathly blows and cuts across his skull3. As his son Kamose became Pharaoh he tried like his father to expel the Hyksos but failed he left for home and

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