Assess the Fashion Industry Using the Feminist Perspective

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Assess the fashion industry using the feminist perspective Feminists argue that that in society men oppress women and that women do not have equal rights when compared to men, they argue that the family serves the needs of patriarchy and that we reside in a patriarchal society where males are the dominate sex. Feminists take a critical view on most things in society but a main one being fashion. Feminism itself simplifies down to equality. It is shown to be not about attacking men but improving society and having equal chances between both sexes. It states that many women’s focus is on her wardrobe so they can impress the opposite sex as they feel useless if they fail to impress, they also argue that fashion is a more female dominated area, they show that most of the top fashion designers are male ruled and that Radical Feminists such as Germaine Greer believe that all key societies (including fashion) have been found on patriarchy (ruled by men). They believe that men are the enemy and that they bring out clothes that result in the oppression of women and cause them to be exploited for sexual purposes only. They argue that the fashion industry segregate sexes with many popular singers exposing their body for money, this can be the case for Miley Cyrus; where she obtains money by exposing her body. Feminists view this as them doing this to please men and that women are exploited in this sexual way in order for men to find pleasure. They argue that the fashion industry promotes the women’s expressive role of doing the housework, looking after the children and not going out to work while they are used as a sex tool by the fashion industry making clothing which shows many body parts of women’s bodies such as their legs which males will like to look at. However, difference feminists argue that feminist perspectives of fashion are not the same worldwide and that
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