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ASSESS THE EXTENT TO WHICH SOCIOLOGICAL ARGUMENTS AND EVIDENCE SUPPORT THE VIEW THAT SOCIETY HAS ENTERED A STAGE OF POSTMODERNITY. (33MARKS) Postmodernism is a rather recent theory in sociology, originally coming from philosophy. Postmodernism is a way of approaching traditional ideas and practices in non-traditional ways that deviate from pre-established super structural models. It is very difficult to define, what postmodernism actually means therefore remains a complex and controversial concept, which continues to be debated. It has been introduced since the 1970s; the main reason why postmodernism is introduced is for us to understand the new society we live in, which is an unstable fragmented, media-saturated global village, where image and reality is indistinguishable. Other theories like late modernity and Marxism disagree with postmodernism. Meanwhile modernism began in the 1890s and lasted till about 1945, it was based on using rational and logical means in order to gain knowledge about society (Enlightenment project). There approach was objective; theoretical and analytical, while postmodernist denied the application of logical thinking. Instead their thinking during the postmodern era was based on unscientific and irrational thought process as a reaction to modernism. While the modern era was based on objectivity the postmodern era was based on subjectivity. The fundamental difference between modern and postmodern society is that modernist thinking is about the search of an abstract truth of life. While postmodernist believe that there is no universal truth. Furthermore, modernism attempts to keep a very strict lifestyle through many ways, the central importance of work and social class is seen as the main form of social division however postmodern society has a completely different view, “Bradley (1996), suggests identities become less predictable,
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