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Assess the contribution of Feminist perspective for an understanding of the family in contemporary society. (24 marks) Within modern day society the nuclear family is still seen as the idealistic family type. Feminist argue that the family oppresses women through these main factors unequal division of domestic labour and domestic violence against women. Feminist do not regard gender inequality as natural or inevitable but as socially constructed; there are various views towards this liberal, Marxist and radical. The liberal feminist believe we are moving towards greater equality, since they argue that women were once the oppressed gender in family and society as a whole. This was due to the fact that there was domestic violence towards women since 99% of incidents were committed by men towards women. However, due to the new laws being put into place they now protect women and disallow exploitation of women in this way. The economic dependency of women upon men is due to the popularity of conventional families. This was mainly due to the fact that women were not allowed to work and forced to do unpaid domestic labour. This suggests that women were not being able to be independent. However, during modern day society more women are working and becoming more educated therefore meaning that women are not as economically dependent on men this is supported by radical feminist theory exploiting women for the benefit of men. Additionally, the ideological power supported by the Marxist view this was segregated since men used to make all the important decisions and women would only make the minor day to day decisions. This was mainly due to the fact that men were the only money earners within a family and sometimes would control the money providing women with allowances. However, after women began to work women are more involved in decision making and their
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