Assess the Consequences of Colonial Rule on Traditional Societies in Southeast Asia from 1870-1914 Essay

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Traditional societies that discuss in this essay are East Indies Vietnam and Malaya. Some colonial powers were happy to work within the traditional administration to achieve their goals by influence locals. On the other hand, locals refused to work with colonial powers which led to abolition of traditional administration such in Vietnam, where Tu Duc wanted to isolate Vietnam completely and didn’t want any relations with foreign powers, this led to the conquest of Hanoi led by Francis Garnier and Tu Duc was force to sign treaty in 1874 with France to hand over Cochin-China to France. The French introduced policy of Association and assimilation. Policy of Association was the preservation of traditional administration in colonies and ruling indirectly between locals and colonial powers and Policy of Assimilation was to abolish the traditional administration. It was Paul Doumer (general governor) largely responsible for direct administration over Cochin-China, also the indirect rule in Tonkin and Annam. In Tonkin and Annam, the Local rulers still have power to rule as his Courts, the six ministries and mandarins were still retained but locals were to work with French (senior resident) to advise the emperor. Cochin China Local ruler’s power had been taken away by French and replaced by Privy council and colonial council. Each province in cochin-china was to have French administrative official called resident. Doumer had done many improvements in transportations, Social services and economic development and the trade in Vietnam greatly improved but however the locals were not benefit with these developments. The economic developments brought social dissatisfaction and cultural decline. When the Dutch came to East Indies there were many changes made in the government. There were 3 policies introduced by the Dutch in East Indies, Culture system, Liberal policy and

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