Assess The Causesof The 1905 Russian Revolution

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This question focuses on the events which took place in Russia leading up to 1905 to cause a Revolution. The events which took place were either long term factors which built up over a period of time or medium term factors which were less long term or short term factors which triggered the revolution. Arguably the most important factor which led to the 1905 revolution was down to Russia’s incompetent government. The main reasons for the incompetence of the government was that it always had the same views as the Tsar as the appointed governors were appointed by the Tsar and dismissed by him as he pleased. This made the government not original so the country could not benefit from it. Also political parties were banned so the government had little incentive to work to their potential as there is no competition. This relatively useless government made Russia unproductive and inefficient as there was little reform from their government. Following this most important point is the second most important factor of the 1905 Revolution which is the depression between 1899 and1903. The depression damaged Russia’s economy quite badly. This was because it originated in Europe and at this time Witte, who believed in foreign investment had Russia receiving lots of money from abroad. When the other countries entered this depression they could afford less money leaving their countries so Russia’s income seriously decreased. This added to the population of Russia’s low living standards and so increased the need for a revolution. The next important point to follow this and the final long term factor is the state of Russia around and leading up to this time. In Russia the peasants had a very low standard of living. They worked long days for little pay and the money that they did receive was heavily taxed. They had no right to join a trade union and also at the time there was
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