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The First World War, which is known as one of the most disastrous war in the history, began in 1914. Most of countries from Europe continents entered to the war due to the complicated alliances, and two armed camps, the Triple Entente and the Central Powers, were formed. The Central powers were Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Ottoman Empire. The Triple Entente was England, France, Russia, and U.S, the country that joined late to this camp. Each country had different aims for entering the war. Germany wanted to unite all German people and unify Germany. England desired to keep the price and possession by occupying the Empire, so their aim was to make sure that there is no competition among other countries. France wanted to be even with Prussia because Germany embarrassed them in ‘Franco-Prussia war’ by forcing them to sign on treaty. Russia was keen to expand their territory and to get a warm water port. Ultimately the war ended in 1918 due to the diplomatic defeat of Germany. In the Triple Entente, which triumphed over the Central Powers, there are two countries that succeeded in achieving their aims, England and France. Although England and France worked cooperatively as an alliance during the World War One, they had different motives in the war. Both England and France had specific aims for entering the World War One. England wanted to stay and maintain their position as the most powerful country in the world. England desired to expand not only their territories but also their military power even though they had the largest areas under their control and the greatest naval power in the world. Since Germany speedily industrialized and gained power, Britain regarded the rapid development in Germany as the biggest threat to Britain’s aim of staying in the position of great power; thus, through diplomatic channels England claimed to Germany that a large navy or colonies
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