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Bayley: Scales of Infant and Toddler Development Third Edition Assessment is an integral part of special education. In order to provide a child with the tools for success you must first determine exactly what the child's overall needs are. The five areas for assessing children are cognitive, motor, social emotional, language and self help skills, once you are able to determine the areas that a child has either delays in or is advanced in then you as an educator will be better equipped to effectively fulfill said child's learning needs. There are many different assessment tools available for use with children and many different ways to administer them. One Assessment tool is Bayley: Scales of Infant Toddler Development the third edition, a common abbreviation for this tool is BSID-III. It is intended to be used with children one month to forty two months of age. This tool covers all five developmental domains and should take no more than 50 minutes to administer to a child twelve months and younger, and up to ninety minutes for children 13 months and older. This is a screening tool meant to determine whether or not a more in depth diagnostic evaluation of the child is necessary. There are a few different components to the BSDI-III, the main one is an observation checklist that an administrator of the assessment tool will use to score the child on different tasks in all five developmental domains. There is a parent/ caregiver questionnaire, which gives the administrator an inside view on the child from a person who’s close to them. Once all of the scoring is done a separate scale called Behaviour Observation Inventory is used to validate the administrator and the parents perception of the child's responses. There are many considerations and precautions when using this or any assessment tool with diverse populations, for instance the validity of the assessment

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