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Assesment Task One Essay

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Assessment Task 1

Alaa Tareq Ahmed
Student ID: B0800684

HELP University College
Department of Graduate Studies

Prepared for Mr Ravi Varmman
27th September 2008

i. Executive Summery
Human Empowerment Technologies   is a privet company based in Bahrain that provides training to human resources through personal development courses; In August 2006 Human Empowerment Technologies established a functional alliance with Al badil; a Qatari company. The alliance was formed mainly because Human Empowerment Technologies wanted to expand its operations to include technical Human Resources training and to enter the Qatari market.
The external influences were minimal, However favorable economic conditions and stable political situations had encouraged the alliance to take place. The strategic alliance realized part of its objectives, but the partners were not 100 per centre compatible due to different views on the importance of the alliance, Human Empowerment Technologies viewed it as strategic while Al badil management viewed it as tactical, which has affected the health of the alliance.

ii. Acknowledgment
I wish to thank Dr. Soroor Qarooni; founder and CEO of Human Empowerment Technologies for her generous support.
Best wishes

iii. Content Page
Introduction 5
Findings 6
Strategic objectives of the alliance 8
Business objectives for year 2009 8
Financial objectives for year 2009 8
Marketing objectives for year 2009 8
Factors taken into consideration in the alliance establishment process 9
Formation of Strategic alliance 10
External Influence on the alliance 11
Business culture in Bahrain 11
Economy 11
Politics 12
Analysis 12
Structural changes in organizational design 12
Challenges that arose from the structural setting 13
Shortfalls by Human Empowerment Technologies 14
Impact on stakeholders 15
Owner of Human Empowerment Technologies 15
Employees 16
Customers 16
Partner Compatibility 16
Sustainable competitive...

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