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ASSESSMENT THREE Questions (90 marks / 35% weighting) & Marking Guide Maximum length = 1350 - 1500 words. Introduction This assessment is an individual assessment in which you will * Watch a series of videos from the resources provided with your textbook and answer questions on a case study based on the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and TQM. * Discuss quality from a cost / benefit perspective. * Develop a quality tool for an application. * Apply Statistical Process Control to a process. * Discuss the link of quality, productivity and performance management systems * Apply a performance management technique to a problem. This assessment covers learning outcomes 2 and 5. Questions: Watch the video segment “Quality Control at the Ritz Carlton Hotel” and read chapter six “Quality Control and International Standards”. Answer the following questions : 1. How could the Ritz-Carlton monitor the success of its quality strategy ? (8 marks) 2. Why does it usually cost less to ‘get it right’ first time even if the development cost is greater ? In your answer consider the internal and external costs of quality and also the ideas of Philip Crosby. (12 marks) 3. How could control charts, Pareto diagrams, and cause and effect diagrams be used to identify quality problems in a hotel ? Use an example to help you explain the different uses of the quality tools. (12 marks) 4. State and explain two non-financial measures the hotel could use to measure customer satisfaction ? (8 marks) 5. Design a quality tool (from the seven tools of TQM) to be used troubleshooting a problem resulting in incorrect orders being delivered in the room service at the Ritz Carlton. (This means the order is OK but sent to the wrong room). Your answer should include an example of what the tool looks

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