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Question 1 - Conference Confusion You receive this email from the company MD, George Wilkes... Subject: Innovations in Drugs Conference 21st October I've just had a phone conversation with Frank Fielding of Kemiko, who are the major drug manufacturing company organising the above conference. He tells me that there is going to be a presentation by the manufacturers of Supranine, a revolutionary new drug for hay fever sufferers that has just been approved for sale over the counter by retailers in this country. I've read several reviews of this new drug, and it looks set to take a very large share of the overall market. I feel that the market in hay fever remedies is one that we have never properly got to grips with in this company, and since the size of this sector of the market expands every year, we must do something about this. We also regularly see drug sales plummet in the spring and summer months when cold remedies are not selling - increased sales of hay fever products this would help to reduce this. I've arranged a meeting with Karen for the week after the conference to discuss this, but she is on holiday the week before and therefore cannot attend the conference itself. I want you to make sure that you bring back a copy of all handouts relating to this product and any other information that you think we'll need when coming to our decision as to whether or not to market this product. What do you do? A - Attend the conference B - Send someone else C - Don't attend but order material to be sent Question 2 - Company Car You receive this email from R. Patel... Subject: Delivery of new company car I've completed final negotiations with the garage supplying your new company car. They'll have it ready for collection between 3 and 5 pm on Thursday 21 October, so I would be grateful if you could arrange for it to be collected at that time. They have agreed to include

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