Asses the View That Secularization Is a Feature of the Contemporary Uk

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Asses the view that secularization is a feature of the contemporary UK Wilson(1996) defines secularization as the process whereby religious thinking,practice and their institutions lose their social significance. The different aspects of religious belief,practice and institutions will be taken into account when assessing whether secularization is a feature of the contemporary UK. Sociologist Bruce (2002) argues that the main reason for the growth of secularization in the UK is the growth of scientific explanations of the world and the way in which technology has been applied to society it has undermined many Religious beliefs which has led to an overall decline in belief. For example Darwins theory of evolution which challenged the creation story and the advances of in medical science mean that there is a reduced amount of people turning to religion for answers. Sociologist Weber supported this view stating that the growing disenchantment of the world will create a “desacralization of the world”. This view is backed by the Eurobarometer survey(2005) which found that 38% of people in the Uk believed in a good compared to around 60-70% in the 1980s. Bruce (2008) suggests as a result of the advances in science that Religion has been marginalized into the sidelines of life and is now considered to a last resort in areas of life that Science and Technology cannot help. Such as passing in exams or surviving an incurable illness. In bruce's words “when we have tried every cure for cancer, some of us pray”. With religious beliefs now sitting on the edge in society. Issues such as divorce,sex outside marriage and gay marriage are no longer considered so heavily taboo.This shows that traditional religious teachings and morals are no longer swaying people in society. Not all evidence points to the fact that secularization is the main feature of UK society.
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