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The Assertive Entrepreneur: How to be heard in Business Assertion Vs Aggression Effective communication is an essential aspect of success in business and completing transaction in an efficient manner. There are many ways to communicate in business, some are better than others. By using passive techniques, we show that we come from a place of receptivity and agreement. Aggressive techniques demonstrate that we come from a place of dominance and demand. The preferred way to do business – one that has the strongest positive impact on getting our needs met-is through assertive techniques. Assertive techniques get the point across a professional manner that is both easily received and understood. There are several factors that must be considered before becoming more assertive in business. Timing We have heard that timing is everything. This is never be true in others than in the business environment. Knowing what to say and when to say is critical. With one wrong word, personnal credibility can take a swan dive. Saying too much or too little can leave a negative impression on people who matter. Moreover, tactless timing can be incredibly destructive to one’s business credibility. How can we tell when the timing is right? First, during group communication, make sure to allow a pause before each person speaks. Doing so prevents people talking over one another; such interruptions are not only rude and unwelcome, but also break down the barriers of effective communication. The timing is also important when you receive an invitation to speak. When a speaker drifts into silence and makes eye contact with you, it’s time to express your own views. Knowing when to keep silent is equally important as knowing when to speak. Take notices of the mood in the room after you’ve said too much. Do you feel people tuning out? Are you bored by your own words? Has your conversation turned

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