Assembly Speech 'Orange County Curtain'

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Assembly Speech #2 Until a little over a year ago I lived a life that was steady and unchanging within the boundaries of the “Orange County Curtain”. However, that was until my parents announced that we were moving from San Clemente, our small beach town in southern California, to a rock made out of lava by the name of Maui. My mouth automatically flew open in protest but screams of anger and streaming tears could not change their minds. I asked myself later whilst hiding away in my room, “Didn’t they know they were ruining my life?” Yet little did I know my experience would not ruin my life but make my life. I was born and raised within the small confines of San Clemente, California, as were my parents and grandparents causing my family to be commonly referred to as the “Clemente Calverts”. I had gone through school with the same group of peers since preschool, had the same sports teams and the same group of friends. A change as big as moving to a completely different state, which happened to be in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, came as quite a shock. In the beginning I…show more content…
I casually answered the phone expecting him to ask one of his meaningless questions however I immediately detected excitement in his voice. The words came spilling out of his mouth almost inaudibly too fast. “I just got a call from Seabury…they don’t usually let in new juniors…it was a hard decision for them to make…but you in!” Then silence, I was in shock, suddenly the move was real. It was no longer a distant thought of something that might happen. My family along with myself were leaving my hometown to start new and the only thing that I could do was cry. I realized that I wasn’t crying out of sadness but out of relief. I felt that I finally had a chance at being my own person and for the first time in my short sixteen years I felt

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