Assassination Of George Washington Inauguration Essay

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Name Instructor’s name Course Date of Submission Inauguration of George Washington Americans departed from the traditional monarchical of Britain had created a system that gave its members power to appoint their leaders. George Washington was elected the first president in 1789. There was nobody that contested the election of George Washington. He was also reluctant to run and campaign for the position until the last minute. He argued that it was dishonorable for him to seek an office although his view changed after conviction from other leaders. Since the inauguration of George Washington in 1789, American has gone through enormous development and evolution in political culture, social structure, and economic orientation and development. After the election of George Washington as the first president of America, he started to fight for amendment of the constitution to favor all the residents. Initially, only the white men were allowed by the constitution to vote. George Washington wanted fairness thus he proposed amending the bill of rights to ensure justice is administered to all people despite their race and gender. This raised opposition from leaders resulting to…show more content…
On 1st June 1812, James Madison sent a message concerning the Americans grievances on Great Britain. When the representatives received this message, the held four days closed door meetings where large percentages of representatives voted for the war. On 18th June, the president signed the declaration of war, and it was formally announced on 19th June. This was the first time for America to declare war against another nation. The Southerners and Westerners were the enthusiastic supporters of this war since they wanted to expand the market for their agricultural products. They were determined to protect the nation’s honor and expand Western
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