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Princess Nwaibe English Controlled Assessment Paris September 1939 ‘The silent whistle of the train grew closer and closer. One hand on her shoulder and the other holding a suitcase. Saying their final goodbyes they gave each other a passionate kiss hoping to meet again. Her tears slowly streaming down her warm red checks as she cleaned it with a cloth. Layers of vision in her mind haunting her thoughts, knowing she would never see her lover again telling herself unanswered questions “when will I see Fred again? Where would he be sent to fight? “Would he survive this terrible tragic, and get married? As the train began to huff and puff, fizz and hiss its way out of the station Fred leaning out of the window the billowing white steam swirling around him as he disappeared under the arch of the bridge and was gone. Silence grew to noise across the station, people crying and screaming for the same reason. But she stood there in silence still repeating her thoughts to herself. Her cloth was soaked in tears after crying for many hours. Her long dark hair was blowing on her face. she still felt insecure feeling like someone had passed away. Walking up to the stairs with her head down and her body flopping like a fish. She didn’t care less of what she had looked like. Back in those days they did everything together she had walked in the same path ways but didn’t feel anything at all. The blue sky up high couldn’t make her smile. The street was packed with laughter and loud transport of cars, people singing. Brooke Lewis 10AR Notes: Informal: Slang: southeast London talk ”nahh” ina “yeahh” mate” bruv” swear down “hotties” trust me”. Overlaps: when someone talking and someone over tals what they are saying example: well when you put it like that…..where did you do your work experience. Repetition: saying the same word more than once like “yeah”.

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