Aspects Of Hypnosis Essay

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What is Hypnosis? The word Hypnosis comes with a lot of definitions, there are a variety of sources trying to describe the meaning of Hypnosis, a linguistic jungle that it is easy to get lost in! Hypnosis is more of an experience than just a word though so hence the multitude of definitions. Supporting this is Waterfield (2004) who suggests that is more important to look at the phenomenology rather than terminology of hypnosis. “Faced with this welter of definitions, it has to be borne in mind that nothing about hypnosis is uncontroversial, and that these various definitions depend on various theories of what is going on psychologically and neurologically, and these in turn depend on the approach taken by the particular researcher”, (Waterfield 2004 , p.xxvi). Palsson (2002) describes Hypnosis as one of the most intriguing phenomena in our mental functioning, and states that it is full of seeming paradoxes that It is not sleep, and not really a waking state either. He explains that Hypnosis involves, more than anything else, changes in a person's attention and concentration, that the focus of attention is narrowed, and the things attended to are experienced more intensely than in the ordinary waking state. So to look at Hypnosis as an experience rather than a term seems to be the right approach. Vickers and Zollman (2000) states that Hypnosis is the induction of a deeply relaxed state, with increased suggestibility, for behaviour change or symptom relief They further explains Hypnosis as an experience that is naturally occurring but altered state of consciousness, in which the critical part of our mind is bypassed and acceptable selective thinking established or suggestions. The Aspects of Hypnotherapy One way to understand Hypnosis better could be to look at the different aspects of hypnotherapy, psychological and physical? Some light of clarity could

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