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1.3. Explain legislation, policies and guidelines on the use and storage of substances.. The main piece of legislation that covers drugs & their categories is The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. The different kinds of controlled drugs are divided into three categories or classes. These classes (A, B & C) carry different levels of penalty for possession & dealing. The drugs are classified according to how harmful they are deemed to be & within each class, penalties are the highest for trafficking offences & lower for possession. Medicines that have been prescribed come under The Medicines Act 1968, there are three categories of medicines, prescription only, pharmacy & general sale list medicines. Possession of a POM without a prescription is not a criminal offence unless it falls under the Misuse of Drugs Act. There are many rules & regulations regarding the storage of substances depending on their classification. 2.1. Explain factors that influence individuals to use substances and reasons why individuals decide to reduce or cease substance use. There are many reasons and factors for people to take substances.... Emotional trauma, availability , lack of education around substances , influences , fun , social economics , social gatherings i.e clubs , pubs. Substitute substances. Physical health/pain/mental health.. Reasons for individuals to reduce or cease substance use include: Social isolation,, degradation , health reasons , life style , guilt , remorse , regret , treatment plan , Peer support, mutual aid. 2.6. Describe harm reduction strategies, how and why these may differ from individual to individual. Harm reduction is a term that describes policies, programmes, services & actions that work to reduce the health, social & economic harms to individuals, communities & society. The principles of harm reduction are to prioritise goals, to use humanistic

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