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Asiel Jaimes 06/13/13 Diane Whitley Bogard Synonym 30243 "How Far She Went” The story of "How Far She Went" by Mary Hood is a story about a disobedient girl who goes to live with her grandmother after her dad sends her there. The girl is the usual loud, mad at the world, do and does what every teen does type of girl. While her grandma however, is the common no flightiness, old school, yes mam, or no mam type of grandmother. These differences brings a lot of problems between the two ladies. Mary Hood’s central idea is that selfish and ignorant attitudes can lead to a lot of problems. Because the girl gets involved with a group of bikers who want to take her. She was either to choose from her grandma or the bikers. The author also makes it clear that, love is strong and any event can change someone’s mind. Because, they are being chase by the biker gang and together the girl, grandma, and the grandma’s dog they hide under a dock distance away from the bikers but the dog won’t stop barking so the grandma makes the decision to kill her dog for the safety of the girl and her grandma. This is when the girl realizes that the grandma would do anything for her. The story of “How Far She Went” is told in third person complete omniscient as the story presents the thought or feelings of both the grandma and the girl. When the girl is sent to her grandma’s house by her dad she is mad, upset, and doesn’t agree with her grandmother’s being. In the other hand, her grandmother is the old school type of lady but cares very much for the girl and Mary Hood presents this throughout the story. “I hate it here!” (67) Illustrates the girl’s feelings living with her grandma at the beginning of the story. Any person with that behavior and using the word “hate” is a strong word showing anger towards somebody. For example, if the girl yells the word “hate” to her grandma and any person

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