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Asic Essay

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This is an individual assignment which accounts for 20% of the overall assessment in ACC101.

It is expected that you would submit a soft copy of your Assignment (Part1) (Questions 1 to 6) in MS Word alongside with your working on the relevant MS Excel Spreadsheets in class in Week6, Friday (20th April 2012) no later than 12pm.

Each student must submit a hard copy only of the whole assignment (Parts1 &2) in class in Week11 Friday (1st June 2012) no later than 12pm. Make sure that your names and student ID numbers are printed out on the appropriate cover sheet and you have signed it.

You must commence the assignment questions in the tutorial/lab classes using the population data (400 cases) and complete the questions on your sample data (300 cases) in your out-of-class time on a weekly basis. A draft soft copy of this Assignment (Part1) (in both MS Excel & MS Word) must be submitted for marking in your tutorial class of week 6.

To avoid any complications associated with misplaced assignments, you are advised to keep a hard copy as well as a soft copy of your assignment before you hand in the original for marking.


The data file ACC101 Assignment1 T1 2012(N=400).xls, (which will be released in our first tutorial/lab class) contains market research data collected from a survey distributed to a population of 400 holidaymakers. In this survey the tourist industry intends to understand the holiday experience of their customers in a particular resort area. The variables in the data set are as follows:

ID = questionnaire identification number.

Variable 1 = Q1. Gender of the respondent (1 = female, 2 = male);

Variable 2 = Q2. Marital status (1 = Single (never married, divorced, separated, widowed), 2 = Part of a couple (married, defacto,...

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