Asian Tigers and Techonology Essay

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The Tiger and Tech Most Asian Goverments, led my Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong are tring to transform their economies through Tecnopreneurships, trying to catch up with the west. Putrajaya Office park, in Malaysia, is an example of this initiative, highly funded but without the expected results. Neither Microsoft nor Sun moved in, only Japans’ NTT. It is too far and lacks other related facilities (housing, schools, etc). Asia has a long history of Goverments-led economic transformations, having leapfrogged from farms to factories to finance, it appeard that IT could be the next posibility. Some Malaysian firms such as Biztone, is going to go public on Nasdaq this year. It’s founder, Australian, decided to come to Malaysia since his money can get more and better programmers here. Some obstacles: 1. Lack of big home markets to supports the internet initiatives. (aimed to local needs). They will struggle to go global. Start-ups need a large consumer base to grow, and that is more available when they move to silicon valley. 2. Lack of innovative workforce. Asia has an entrepreurial culture, in the sense that they like to take initiative and risk, but they are not so strong in innovating in ways to make money. Many time are imitative opportunistics. Goverment has to learn to keep this talent before they emigrate to the west. Different working culture, in Asia bright students prefer stable high pay jobs, in america there is culture for riskier underpaid but possibly high reward in a start-up. Althought now is being fixes, there was a previous lack of venture capital supporting this kind of start-ups However, Venture capitalists in the U.S. help with more than money, but knowledge on who to grow the start-up. However there is room for growing in application for regional needs ( ,, are settiling in

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