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Asian Religions and Experiences Essay

  • Submitted by: tension1
  • on June 15, 2008
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Below is an essay on "Asian Religions and Experiences" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

What is “Asian Religions?” It seems like a very simple question to answer, does it not? The term “Asian religions” refers to the religions that one can consider to be located centrally around Asia. Also, another condition for the term is that the religions hold some specification for being a base religion. This means that the religions can be considered as the religion that other religions derived from. An example of this religion is Buddhism, because it derived from the Hindu tradition, which is also another Asian Religion. So, more significantly than the word “Asian Religion” is the importance of the word. One reason that an Asian Religion is important including the perspective of it being a base religion, is that it has many controversial features in the religion. Better yet, it is an Asian Religion because it gives people many different views on what they should believe in and how they should go about this. A very famous example of this importance is given by the Hindu tradition. As you may already know, the Hindu Pantheon consists of plentiful gods, but what makes one God’s advice or beliefs/experience higher on the list than another. Even though that this is not mentioned in many of the texts of the traditions, its merely an objective that a viewer can find controversial. In addition to the controversial issues of the Asian Religions, one must also look at the uniqueness of the each religion, and this is exactly what makes religions what they are.  
Everything from the Buddhism to the Zen tradition located in Japan is what needs to be considered when looking at the term “Asian Religion.”   And this is exactly what needs to be included in the series of Undergraduate Perspective on Asian Religions. Although there are plentiful little facts about every Asian religion, the goal of the books needs to go along the lines of accomplishing the task of emphasizing the most important and controversial parts, as that’s exactly what students will find bamboozling. Some of...

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