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------------------------------------------------- Top of Form Bottom of Form * About Us * Activities * Projects * Articles * Team * Alumni You are here: Home / Publications / Industry Analysis – Indian Paint Industry – Ritesh Kumar and Vikash Thakur Industry Analysis – Indian Paint Industry – Ritesh Kumar and Vikash Thakur Introduction The Indian paint industry is approximately valued at INR 24,500 Cr. with a growth potential to reach INR 1 Lakh Cr in the next 10 years. The industry has achieved growth of around 15%-16% per cent per year in the past five years, which is 1.5 times India’s Gross Domestic Product growth. The industry is broadly divided into two sectors – organized and unorganized which contribute around 65% and 35% of revenues respectively. It is primarily segmented into two categories – decorative paints and industrial paints which account for 72% and 28% of revenues respectively. However, this ratio is reverse globally. This indicates enormous growth potential for the market players in the industrial paint segment. In FY11, the decorative segment achieved growth of 16% by volume and theindustrial segment achieved growth of 10% by volume Market Player The number of listed and non-listed companies in the industry is 57.However, the unorganized sector has around 2500 SMEs. Production was 1.15 million tons in 2011. Decorative paints are less technologically intensive and hence unorganized players are more active in this segment. This is the prime reason why decorative paints in India has grown at a faster rate compared to industrial paints. On the other hand, industrial paints are highly technology intensive and the segment is controlled only by organized players who have alliances with leading global players. Major players in the industry are – Asian Paints, Kansai Nerolac, Berger Paints, Azko Nobel India,

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