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Asian Horror Coursework Essay

  • Submitted by: rajnf84
  • on November 1, 2011
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Media coursework:
Film review and analysis of ‘The Wishing Stairs’.
What is Asian horror? We always ask ourselves questions like these ones. Asian horror is just a genre which is horror. The only difference is that this type of genre is made by the Asians (in this case the Japanese/Chinese) instead of the Americans/English. Asian horror movies are normally the first make of the movie. An explanation of that would be that the Asian horror genre movies are made first, then unknowingly the Asian horror movie directors see if their movie/ movies succeed in the box office or not. If the movies succeed in the box office then the Americans come along and make a more gruesome, westernized, English film. Also if the Asian horror genre movies don’t succeed then the Americans take out the best bits of the film and put it in a whole different film. They don’t exactly copy the best bits; they just experiment on it and try to get an excellent result.
The American horror movies tend to involve a lot of blood in them but their films aren’t actually scary. The Asian horror movies are complete opposites of American horror movies. Instead of having more blood than scariness, Asian horror movies have more scariness than blood. It’s also quite rare for an Asian horror movie to have a lot of blood in it. For example ‘Saw’ is an original, great, American horror movie and if you have seen any of the ‘Saw’ movies then you would have realized how bone crushingly obnoxious it is. Another example to prove that American horror movies have more blood involved in it, would be comparing it to an original Asian horror movie. Like the ‘Grudge’. The original Chinese/ Japanese one was very scary but it never had any blood related scenes in it.
Many people may say that Chinese/ Japanese films are quite confusing to understand. This is because they speak in Chinese/ Japanese and have English subtitles. This is confusing because people (the audience) rather see the actors/ actresses say the actual...

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