Asian Feminism In &Amp;Quot;Saving Sourdi&Amp;Quot; By, May-Lee Chai

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Asian Feminism in “Saving Sourdi” Thesis: In the short story “Saving Sourdi” there are many instances when the reader catches a glimpse of how women are treated and viewed in Asian culture and I will expose these issues. “Saving Sourdi” is a short story by May-Lee Chai that takes place in the 90’s in a normal suburban town in South Dakota. Nea, the protagonist, and her older sister Sourdi are first introduced to the reader as kids who are working at family Chinese food restaurant. Late one night, Nea, the brave little sister, is compelled to defend her sister when a drunk customer grabs her and treats her inappropriately. Throughout the course of the story, Sourdi grows and matures, however, Nea has a hard time dealing with the change. The story ends in a similar why that it begins in that Nea suspects that Sourdi’s arranged husband abuses her, and she tries to save her from the suspected violent marriage. In the story, there are many references to abuse and women’s lack of rights, specifically in the Asian culture. This theme is prominent throughout the story of “Saving Sourdi”. May-Lee Chai originally lived in Asia, and her family came to America in search of a better life. This is very similar to the scenario in “Saving Sourdi“. The family immigrated over from their native Asian country, Cambodia, and established a restaurant. “Within a year of their arrival in 1850, Chinese immigrants established Chinatown in San Francisco…others soon followed” (Klang, 1). May-Lee Chai and the family in Saving Sourdi are part of this migration to America. With this migration, the Asian culture remained constant, and the values and customs were strongly held onto. “Immigrant communities erected villages and family associations which reproduced their social structure of their homes” (Klang, 1). This is where the Asian value of women can be seen. It is true

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