Asian American Parenting Essay

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By comparing Chinese parenting styles to Western parenting, Amy Chua is basically placing herself as a Chinese mother on a pedestal. In the beginning of the article it explains how both Chinese and Western parenting consists of strict rules and expectations, but according to Chua, Western parents can be strict, but that doesn’t reflect on their children’s accomplishments. While all the Chinese parents have to do is order their children to do what they want and it’ll be completely. Western parents struggle with their children reaching a point of achievement. There’s never any positive feedback from Chinese parents, because they just expect more and more. Nothing is ever enough, especially when it comes to grades. Chinese parents would put their child though hell just to get that “non-A” to an “A+.” While Western parents praise and reward their children if they come home with anything above a “C,” and if not Western parents would sit down with their child and try to discuss what happened and most likely try to help solve the problem. Apparently, Chinese parent s are like bosses rather than parents, but to the parents, it makes them seem like they’re doing their job right when their children are “succeeding” in school. Their children are so focused on their perfect grades rather than actually trying to understand the true meaning of whatever they’re learning in school. If Chinese children don’t obey their parents, screaming, yelling, and insulting name calling occur. “Stupid, lazy, coward” are definitely not motivating, it’s degrading and the fact that it comes from the people you call parents, but to Chinese parents they believe it’s a way to get their children to finish what they’ve started and to become the best/perfect. But through the rough lifestyle and harsh parenting, their children learn to become the best at what they do. Western parents seem to always

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