Asian American Migrations

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American Migrations Asian American Studies 2 Sample Essay Questions for the Final Exam 1. Please give at least three demographic (human) characteristics among Asian Americans since 1980 that have led some scholars to claim that Asians in the United States constitute a “model minority.” A) Human – learning disadvantages like language, lead to low paying jobs B) Economical – Work jobs for low wages and no benefits C) Social – Different cultures, hard to assimilate to American lifestyle, blend in 2. Please give at least two examples of immigration rules since 1990 that have accelerated the rate of removal and deportation from the United States. CA Prop 187 = If you arrest someone that looks like they are an immigrant, you…show more content…
The Act also applies to residents who have married American citizens and have American-born children. In an effort to curb illegal immigration, Congress voted to double the U.S. Border Patrol to 10,000 agents over five years and mandated the construction of fences at the most heavily trafficked areas of the U.S.-Mexico border. Congress also approved a pilot program to check the immigration status of job applicants 3. According to Rhacel Parrenas and Cerissa Perrenas, how have present immigration rules worked to cut off families across international boundaries? What are some of the consequences for these families facing these trends? H1-B visa = grants temporary residency to people who can fill particular “specialty occupations” but ties these workers to a particular employer, workers cannot bargain for better wage-rates or working conditions. Borders were opened on the basis of employment, family sponsored preference categories transformed the face of Asian immigrant communities ** 1990 Immigration Act kept visa limits per country in place and separated family-sponsored and employment-based applicants into two distinct categories. Workers continually ask for extension of such rights to their relatives left abroad, but have yet to be…show more content…
Money sent home by migrants constitutes the second largest financial inflow to many developing countries, exceeding international aid. States benefit as the quantity of recorded remittances increases. Remittances have exceeded the official amounts of U.S. assistance to Latin American countries. Money sent directly to poor households. Remittance income is grouped with profits from coffee, oil, sugar and other exports. Poor nations become ‘globally linked’ and gain access to the resources available in more powerful countries Essay Break down Intro - Rem are – cost free source of national income. Money sent home constitutes 2nd largest financial inflow to many developing countries 1st - Family – able to send money back to support. Has now surpassed the money spent on international aid 2nd - Economic – states benefit as quantity of recorded rem increases now they have money, globally linked, use resources available in more powerful countries 5. Many scholars have suggested that we live in a profoundly nativist moment, when anti-immigrant feelings are common in political and social discourse about immigrants. Please explain how this argument might be true. Please explain how it might be

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