Asian-American Legacies Case Study

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Asian-American Legacies The number of Asian Americans who altered the course of history are innumerable and will never cease to grow. Everyday, more and more Asian Americans are being recognized, and exercising their absolute rights as Americans to show the world their capabilities. Never will they be undermined again. Asian-Americans have often been characterized as “the model minority,” the perpetual foreigner.” (Williams-Leon, 2012) President Obama states in a recent speech; "Asians are more than the model minority. It's a community that helped make America the country it is today." (Epstein, 2012) It is absolutely essential that the legacies of the people who all had a part in the history of Asian Americans be passed on. Every single…show more content…
Because of Vincent Chin's case, it was time to talk about race. (Zia, pp. 69, 2000) Reverend Jesse Jackson was the first national political leader to speak against racial violence against Asians. The case raised awareness and gave various Asian-American groups courage. Courage to speak up and make a stand that they are precious, and to prove their worth. The outcome of the Vincent Chin case was unfair, and so absolutely wrong. The people were not discouraged, but were motivated to march on. Suddenly people who had endured a lifetime of degrading treatment were wondering if their capacity to suffer in silence might no longer be a virtue, when even in death, they could be so disrespected. (Zia, pp. 61, 2000) One must stop and ask: Who IS Vincent Chin? Vincent's background was like that of many second-generation Chinatown Chinese. (Zia, pp. 63, 2000) His father arrived to America in 1922, and passed away a year before Vincent Chin's passing. He served in the army, therefore granting him access to bring home a Chinese bride. Him and his wife adopted Vincent Chin (age 6) from Guangdong providence in China. Many Chinese-Americans were also from the Guangdong providence in China. Vincent grew up to be a great man, who was unfairly targeted and beaten to death. His legacy will always live on as a scar reflecting the awful and ignorant opinions of some former Americans. It is also represents the courage that inspired many Asian-Americans to fight back for their civil liberties. “We must let the world know that we think this is wrong. We can't stop now without even trying.” (Zia, pp. 64,

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