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James Nguyen English 0307 Mr. King September 17, 2011 Narrative My experiences with being an American with an Asian decent illustrate the truth about how proud I am to be an Asian American. In my opinion, being an Asian American has provided me with many advantages. I have experience positive and negative events caused by the way I look. However, the good experiences definitely outweigh the few unfortunate events. In elementary school, I was only teased a few times. Most of the teasing was simple, mindless, name calling usually entailing something about my slanted eyes. I didn’t understand why they enjoyed picking on people that looked different at the time. I never really let their teasing get in the way of my everyday happiness as a child. In middle school, I got into an altercation with another classmate. I believe the main reason the boy acted the way he did was because of his pure idiocy rather than pure racism. I was waiting in the lunch line when the bully came to me and asked, “Hey James, wanna donate money to the “Shane hates VIET club?” I responded with “No” and then punched him right in the chest. I don’t specifically remember hitting this kid, but I do vividly remember my feelings of extreme anger being lifted after I punched him. He allowed me to realize that no one can win over ignorance and it is just better for me to remove myself and just walk away from the situation. During my high school year, I would consider my Asian American experience to be an enjoyable one. If anything, my Asian American appearance has given me the ability to be comfortable no matter how diverse the situation may be. My family background has shaped my values and I am thankful to have them. I’m a lot more understanding towards my nationality

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