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Course Description ASIA396 is the continuation of ASIA386, the second part of a comprehensive grammar course which provides an in-depth examination of modern Chinese grammar and its usage, including word formation, syntactic constructions, discourse cohesions, semantics, and stylistic considerations. A functional approach is taken to link form and function, structure and usage in relation to social and cultural contexts and implications. This systematic and rigorous survey of the nature of Standard Chinese language structure aims to enhance students’ understanding of Chinese grammar and learn how and where it differs from the grammars of other languages, such as English. This course is addressed to all students with an interest in the Chinese Language, including those whose primary interest may be in Chinese language education, classical Chinese or Chinese literature, Chinese translation and interpretation, and Chinese journalism. Course Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this course, students should be able to: • Demonstrate a good mastery of the principles and patterns used to generate phrases, sentences and discourse in contemporary standard Mandarin Chinese • Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the structure of Modern Standard Chinese to discuss and analyze the major grammatical items of the language • Define the nature of language variation as found in Chinese social context and how it shapes communication • Establish a solid basis for further use of Chinese language, such as practical use in teaching Chinese or analytic use in research on the Chinese language • Gain meta-linguistic awareness and knowledge of the differences between different grammatical systems, especially those of modern standard Chinese and English. Required Course Materials: • Textbook: Yip Po-Xhing and Don Rimmingyon (2004): Chinese: A Comprehensive Grammar. London and New

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