Ashokleyland Vission Mission Essay

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Parallely, the technologically advanced products we are inducting into our range, is fuelling our global ambitions. Plans are on to set up a bus body unit in the Gulf region, to meet the increasing demand which already makes us the market leader for the standard buses. You are also aware of our entry into the advanced European market through the acquisition of Czech company AVIA’s truck business. This acquisition also gives us access to contemporary technology. Along with ‘international’ and ‘innovative’, the third value of Brand Ashok Leyland that we seek to strengthen, is ‘speedy’. Speed is a function of internal efficiencies, of processes, of the deployment of IT.To us, speed means not just responsiveness but proactiveness, energy and dynamism. These strengths will help us offer competitive products with the best value-to-cost equation, supporting the fourth brand value, namely, value creator. Our product philosophy has always revolved around giving products that best meet the needs of the market, products that incorporate the most appropriate technology so as to maximize value addition to our customer’s business. Across the marketing function, every effort is made to enhance our insight into our customer’s business and needs, so as to maximize value creation for the customer. That brings me to the fifth value, namely, ethical, which is nothing but a reiteration of doing business with fairness. These are not new values for Ashok Leyland. They have been the strengths we have built over the years and have still some way to go in some areas. To that extent, there is an aspirational aspect to some of them. As you would have noticed, one common thread through all these, is our customer orientation which is reflected in our vision. Customer is the pivot around which products are designed and delivered. That has not changed. Nor has the flywheel in the logo which has

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