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Ashford Week 2 Assignment Inf340 Essay

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Hoosier Burger Project

The owners of the Hoosier Burger restaraunt met with the Hoosier Burger Project on several occasions and were looking for ways to improve upon their inventory control, customer ordering, and management reporting systems.   The problems were identified by the owners and noticing that issues were arising, from inventory to customer orders.  
Bob and Thelma have expressed their feelings that a new information system will be beneficial in the areas of inventory management, marketing, customer service, and food preparation. Additionally, the project team discussed with Bob and Thelma the possibility of implementing a point-of-sale system as an alternative design strategy.
Installing and implementing a new system would be able to assist in managment of inventory control, being able to develop a stock management system, that in the long run or final result would benefit the end user or in this case the customers.   Having accurate inventory control is a key essential in making sure you have the right ingredients, amount of ingredients and the ability to judge "peak hours and even seasonal rush times".   It will also help with accurate inventory control, customer ordering and management reporting systems.   The project scope is handling inventory control, customer service,
marketing, meal preparation, and stock administration.  
If issues are not visible and the company is noticing them towards the end of the month, whether it be in inventory, tracking or even measuring customer complaints.   Any type of issue that is created that is not easily caught right away can affect the company in the long run, both in profits and retention of current and new customers.  
The feasibility of dealing with a new system will be installation and then the implementation, which should help Hoosier Burger financially and increase the managment of their inventory control.  
Customers will receive increased satisfaction, wait times will decrease and the...

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