Ashford Eng 121 Week Five Final Essay-Compare and Contrast

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Who Makes a Better Car? Chevy Cruze vs. Ford Focus Tom Ellis ENG121-GSC1235Q Instructor Carolyn Karas 30 September, 2012 Who Makes a Better Car: Chevy Cruze vs. Ford Focus In today’s world of very expensive fuel a vehicle should have a Miles per Gallon rating of 35 and up. The vehicle MSRP need to be under $17,000 so your fuel savings is not offset by a high purchase price. It should be comfortable to sit in having ample front and rear head room and leg room. Even with an economical purchase price the vehicle should have plenty of safety features to keep its occupants safe. One last item that should not be overlooked is the warranty. It should last as long as you own your car. Often this is not taken into account when purchasing a vehicle and the customer finds they have large expense four or five years in the future. The two vehicles being compared on these parameters are: The Chevy Cruze and the Ford Focus. These two vehicles are built by companies that have a long standing tradition of innovation and quality for the products they produce. Both vehicles are built here in America and are great examples of how the manufacturers can install high technology features while still keeping costs low. Our first comparison will be with the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price. Both models have over fifty standard features are very competitively priced. The Chevy Cruze has an MSRP of $16,800 and the Ford Focus is priced at $16,500 (, 2012). With only a few hundred dollars difference in price the decision is not easy. Looking closely at the list of features the Chevy has a few more that can be considered safety: Daytime running lights, fog lamps, and Bluetooth® connectivity are listed as standard on the Chevy but not the Ford. There are also a few convenience items that might be missed, which the Chevy Cruze has but the Ford Focus

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