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Ashewo Obiagu Essay

  • Submitted by: coshincozor
  • on December 3, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
  • Length: 319 words

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What Unfortunate Way To Begin A Year.

On the first of January last year, I was discussing with a friend on the phone about some people’s New Year resolution when my airtime got finished and I decided to go down the street to recharge. The shops down my street were still closed. Too many people were not yet back from the village. The only place I could get recharge card was at Obiagu.
'I hate going down there'.
As I bought the card to leave, I heard a female voice shouting at the dark side of the road:
'u must pay me! Give me my money! This night!'
Guess who it was...; one short gawky girl in a skimpy skirt that could barely cover her ass. All her fat thighs were out. With her tick back side pushed out like that of a duck, she held one huge man on the trousers. Her front bore two over-blown balloons that seemed as if they would burst at any touch. She kept shouting into the air;
'u fucked me and you don’t want to pay!'
The man's voice was very low. Maybe he was shy. I could only hear him telling the crowd that started to gather;
'I didn’t even release and our agreement was N1000 now she is claiming N3000 because of fuel subsidy removal'
people couldn’t help but laugh at how the fuel price hike affects ashewo. She jumped on the man and tore his T-shirt. Some people tried to hold her back but she punched and kick at all corners. I had to run when she pulled off her spaghetti top and the over-blown balloons on her chest jumped out like leaking bags of pure water. I ran back to my house without looking back and there noise followed me till I left Obiagu. 'My eyes shall not behold iniquity this year'.

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  • Submitted by: coshincozor
  • on December 3, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
  • Length: 319 words
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