Asher Roth Grind Implicit Thesis Essay

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G.R.I.N.D by: Asher Roth People should not be treated any different because of the class they are considered in society, everyone should be treated equal regardless of any circumstance. There should never be any two people on different levels in society , everyone should have the same respect. There are many times through out the song where he proves this statement to be true such as, " believe the thought we'er all equal ain't a man on god's green be underneath any other." This says no one is to be underneath any other, which means no one should be classified as not as good as someone else, everyone, don't matter the circumstances is to be treated equal. Also no person should be held to a higher power in society because of a label such as the president or law enforcement, compared to homeless people , everyone should have an equal say in society. A quote that proves this is when he says," the american dream, the dream is a pyramid scheme, scheme and it feels out a reach when it's hard and times are tough." This means that people are made to believe in the American dream, but to someone less fortunate this seems impossible because society tends not to listen or pay attention to the less fortunate people. In conclusion everyone in society should be treated equal regardless of there situation in life and also no one should be on a higher level in society based on a status

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