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Asher Lev is a child with an extraordinary gift for painting. His father, Aryeh, is an emissary for the Rebbe, the leader of the Ladover Hasidic community. When he is younger, his uncle, His mother Rivkeh's brother, dies and it destroys her. Asher's mother becomes ill. She stays at home sick for a while after being released from the hospital. At this time, Asher spends much time with his father at his office and becomes entranced by the work his father is doing in Russia. Furthering Asher's fascination with Russia is recent immigrant, Yudel Krinsky, whom Aryeh helped bring to the US and whom Asher befriends. As Rivkeh's health improves, she decides that she wants to go to college. Aryeh asks the Rebbe for permission, which he grants. Asher's early summers are spent in a bungalow colony. There, he has opportunity to grow closer with his mother. Aryeh's work with Russia intensifies. The entire community, Asher included seems obsessed with the Russians and their persecution of Jews. Asher begins visiting with Krinsky more and often returns home late, causing his mother great worry. The Rebbe asks Asher's father to move to Vienna in order to better perform his work. Asher does not want to move to Vienna and makes this known to his parents, his uncle, and Krinsky. Asher begins drawing again. Asher's parents and teachers…show more content…
His interest in art intensifies and she buys him oil paints. Asher begins to neglect his studies, rousing the concern and ire of his teachers and his father. Asher seems unfazed by the criticism heaped on him. His mother takes him to the museum and explains the paintings of crucifixions to him. Asher begins to sketch crucifixions and nudes. These arouse the ire of Aryeh, who discovers them when he returns home for Passover. When Aryeh leaves to go back to Europe, Asher resolves to improve his scholastic performance. The next summer, Rivkeh joins Aryeh in Europe and Asher stays with his Uncle

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